Planning for Life

Tupler Financial NJ financial planning for life
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At Tupler Financial, our goal is to provide expert guidance and service so meaningful, our clients are thrilled to share our name with friends and loved ones.

Outhorough financial planning process ensures we are able to truly get to know you, your needs, and your aspirations. Understanding your values is as important to us as reviewing your financial information. Your personalized plan needs to consider all facets of your life. 


A brief overview of our process is below. View our planning for life process infographic for more detailed information. 

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Introductory Conversation


We discuss your situation, the challenges you're facing, and what you hope to achieve by working with a financial expert. You will learn about the services we provide and the problems we solve. Together, we will decide if it makes sense to partner.

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First Meeting

Once we've decided to partner together, we will have an in-depth, confidential conversation about your finances. You will be asked to provide detailed information so we can truly understand your situation. We will also talk more about what your needs are versus your aspirations, so we may help you plan for both.

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Develop Your Financial Plan

Our team will spend time performing a comprehensive analysis of your finances. We will develop an actionable financial plan that aligns your resources to your goals. Your strategy will include room for foreseeable changes and the unexpected, preparing you for multiple scenarios. The areas addressed in your plan depend on your personal situation, but most clients require an investment strategy, income planning, tax mitigation strategy, and retirement-specific guidance. Others may require business planning, estate coordination, charitable giving strategies, and executive benefits plannning. No matter which areas we cover in your plan, we will address shortfalls and find opportunities that will help you confidently plan for the future.

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Second Meeting

We will present your financial plan and discuss the various scenarios we have considered, given our understanding of your situation. Your questions about our recommendations and proposed implementation strategy will be addressed in this meeting. Our promise to you is to explain even the most complicated strategies in plain language so you have a full understanding of how we're solving for your challenges. If we need to make modifications to the plan, we will. Otherwise, you will be asked to approve our recommended course of action. 

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Implementation and Monitoring

The best plan is the one that is implemented. With your approval, we will execute the strategies we recommended in your financial plan, including any collaboration with your tax or legal professionals. Since all plans are "alive," we will review your strategy in the context of your evolving personal situation and the market and regulatory landscape. As things change, your financial plan may adapt to remain most effective.

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Periodic Updates and Meetings

The Tupler Financial team is proud to maintain strong relationships with our clients. For this reason, we do not set rules around how often we may check-in or meet. Typically, we meet with our clients annually for a comprehensive progress review. However, interim updates and meetings are expected as needs arise (or just to say hello). We will always reach out to you if we need to make a significant change to your financial plan. 

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